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PRODIGIOUS GIRL  (By Rakesh Debnath)

Silently I’m going
to see the girl who is prodigious,
I alone stay with banned thoughts
I dream the prodigious girl of night.
Softness placed in creepy body.
Suddenly perturbation kicks up.
Just then the amazing moment of life
turned in a fraction of time.
After opening eyes—
I saw her vanishing silently
like dream goes away.
The butterflies fly still
towards new unknown land of dream.


IN FELLINGS YOU   (By Rakesh Debnath)

Love your turbulence
Love this hard life.
when you struggle, alone;
I feel proud watching, you –

I, love you long dap hairs
love your solemn possessed mind.
when your transparent eyes are presence
courage gives to me.

On your miscall gives or SMS
I love your heart –
when your tears drops from yours eyes,
unreal dreams in thought
my dreams are crashes.

I try to make your sorrow mine
still I feel you in my heart,
But you are no more.


ONE PICTURE OF MINE    (By Rakesh Debnath)

I have a picture
only you and blue sky.
Color with brush is ready
But which color to try?

I have a picture
of modern poet and writing pen
its a picture you are familiar to
who is gonna waste time ten?

I have a picture
little stream and mute walker
is it a only fiction
Time forgets, time stalker.

I have a picture
lovely poet and pervert society
look with big eyes close
why this painting quiet perfectly.


YOU IN MEMORY LANE     (By Rakesh Debnath)

This life is pending
dipped in tension
The time have not stopped yet
Have not said anything.

Still today I think being seated
somewhere but where you are
Butterfly flying in sky,
colors of holy reminding of you
I realize you in old s.m.s.
or the old records of your voice.

Stillness again and again
made me self-sacrificed.
unrestricted pain of having her,
feeling of feeling her
makes me cry.
Still I have not left dreaming
stone pressed flowers in the witness
of the tears of my vain love.

I dream, still today remembering you.